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Site Achieve reserves the rights to choose who may, and may not, be accepted as a Site Achieve member. Site Achieve will periodically review and remove websites from the directory that have content listed below:

  1. Inappropriate material published (adult, illegal, and unmoral sites are some of them).
  2. If the website does not have a link page or the link page is inaccessible from your site
  3. If the website is in the direct competition with the type of service that we provide.
  4. If the website has little or no unique content.

Site Reviews

The goal of the site review is to provide constructive feedback to other site owners. Please take some time to review the site and offer well thought out feedback on your overall impression of the site.

Overall scores of 5 and below will be reviewed by the Site Achieve Staff. Any attempts to improve your directory rankings by giving other sites in your directory unfairly low scores may result in termination of your membership.

Elements of a quality review:

  1. At least two sentences in length.
  2. Refers to observations specific to the site being reviewed.
  3. Provides constructive feedback, even when commenting on things that need improvement.
  4. Includes a request to review your web site.

Please be fair in your scoring as it's the only way site reviews work for everyone.

If you violate of our terms and conditions your account(s) will be removed from our Network without notice and you will not be allowed to use our site.

If you have any questions regarding Terms of Use, please contact us via our online contact form. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.


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